Intellectual Property and Pursuing Externally Sponsored Research

Faculty in the course of their research often pursue external funding that may leverage university-owned or co-owned intellectual property (IP).  When completing a funding proposal or writing a Statement of Work (“SOW”), contact both the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), if the proposal or SOW would require you/your team/your lab to practice existing IP, or if the funding sponsor may wish to practice existing SU-owned IP in order to execute their tasks.  It is important to alert our offices, as well as any proposal support staff working with you via the Office of Proposal Support Services, or those proposal professionals affiliated with your college or center, at the proposal stage. This will allow the sister units of OSP and OTT to review the IP and possibly customize the contract IP terms and conditions with an understanding of the Background IP (BIP) and any future IP that may be created under the funding.  Learn more about BIP via the UIDP (University Industry Demonstration Partnership) website.  Specifically, see Volume 1 of the Contract Accords.

If you are planning to incorporate existing intellectual property in a funding proposal, please complete the following form and email to the Office of Technology Transfer:

STEM Faculty Background/Foreground Intellectual Property Questionnaire