Intangible assets are at the forefront of the modern economy. Members of the Syracuse University community across all disciplines are creating works, developing tools, and curating and sharing knowledge.

Historically, university technology transfer offices provided a link between science and engineering breakthroughs and the marketplace. More recently, universities are leveraging their technology transfer offices to disseminate knowledge, share tools, and improve the world around us.


The following links from the Copyright Society of the USA provides the reader a great baseline on copyright, and will set the stage for all members of the Syracuse University community to engage with the Office of Technology Transfer as relates to copyright matters.

Copyright Basics
Copyright Terms and Definitions
Copyright FAQs

Creative Commons

The Office of Technology Transfer may suggest you become familiar with Creative Commons as a means to grant a suite of rights to non-owners of a copyrighted work.  More information is available at At present (2021), Creative Commons offers six types of pre-set licenses.