Statement Describing the Technology Transfer Process

The following statement is a brief description of the Office of Technology Transfer process for use on grant proposals:

The Syracuse University (SU) Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) will coordinate with SU Office of Sponsored Programs and the SU Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure that intellectual property (IP) developed by the PI(s) in the course of the award/grant/contract is managed as appropriate under the SU IP policy and the terms and conditions of the award/grant/contract. Jointly created and therefore jointly owned IP, particularly newly created patentable inventions and/or software, between SU and collaborating universities will be defined and managed in an Inter-Institutional Agreement negotiated by SU OTT and the technology transfer or licensing unit of the collaborating universities. To the extent IP as defined by the award includes data, the Syracuse University Libraries Data Research Services team will also be engaged. Finally, award terms as between the prime awardee and subawardee will address certain IP matters as between the institutions.