For Syracuse University innovators who plan to start a business to commercialize a technology using a patented technology in which the innovator himself/herself is an inventor, a note of caution: The Syracuse University Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is focused on your understanding of the varied aspects of the business proposition and commercialization plan versus that of the science. Perhaps the previous statement is surprising, but the science behind a patented (or patent pending) technology being considered for a licensing agreement has already been vetted by OTT. Also, we recognize our researchers to be experts in their field of science.

While licensing terms vary greatly from technology to technology, Syracuse University seeks terms which make it economically feasible for a prospective licensee to market a product. Syracuse University has a strong record of negotiating and executing licenses considered to be fair and equitable by our partnering companies and licensees. Fees generally fall into the following categories:

  • reimbursement of patent costs,
  • license issuance and scheduled (annual or other) fees,
  • royalties on product sales,
  • milestone development or achievement fees.

Licenses may be available on a cash-only basis, or a cash-plus-equity basis. As is customary in university-to-industry IP licenses, Syracuse University requires due diligence provisions and indemnification for products sold.

Prospective licensees must be prepared to make a well-researched business case that

  • Demonstrates an understanding and honest assessment of the market (good, bad, and ugly) and
  • Articulates a reasonable timeline and well-supported cost projections for the pathway to market
  • Clearly shows that the company can finance the endeavor with existing capital and/or future access to capital.

Syracuse University Intellectual Property Available for Licensing

Syracuse University faculty and student entrepreneurs interested in starting a business to commercialize intellectual property, please also visit the For Start-ups page on this website.