For Start-ups

For some time now, universities have recognized that an equally effective form of technology transfer is to embed intellectual property into a start-up company (sometimes referred to as a spin-out company) focused on commercialization. This provides entrepreneurial opportunities for willing faculty and students, creates jobs in the region — particularly for management roles, and makes ongoing research and intellectual property refinements straightforward. The Office of Technology Transfer therefore encourages and supports Syracuse University spinout companies and invites entrepreneurs who would like to be a part of an Syracuse University spinout to contact us.

For Syracuse University innovators who plan to start a business to commercialize a technology using a patented technology in which the innovator himself/herself is an inventor, a note of caution: The Syracuse University Office of Technology Transfer is focused on your understanding of the varied aspects of the business proposition and commercialization plan versus that of the science. Perhaps the previous statement is surprising, but the science behind a patented (or patent pending) technology being considered for a licensing agreement has already been vetted by Office of Technology Transfer. Also, we recognize that our researchers are experts in their field of science.