Royalty Income Distribution Policy

The Syracuse University Faculty Manual Section 3.23 – Ownership and Management of Intellectual Property provides broad guidelines for royalty income distributions on net revenue* received from licensed university-owned intellectual property.  Below is the University’s standard distribution for net revenue received on licenses executed after March 29, 2017:

  • 42.5% – Inventor(s)
  • 42.5% – University (21.25% to the inventor’s College or School; 21.25% to the inventor’s academic department**)
  • 15% – Office of Technology Transfer (to support the University’s costs for managing its intellectual property program)

*Net revenue is defined as gross revenue less the costs and expenses incurred related to securing legal protection, marketing, licensing, and other expenses associated with the technology. 

**When there is no academic department but rather an affiliation with a center or institute, the center or institute will receive the academic department’s share.  When there is neither an academic department or center or institute affiliation, the College or School will receive this portion.